business infrastructure 12.10.10.jpgZimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) is crafting strategies for deepening engagement with government to create an operational environment for promoting economic growth.


As the economy has achieved the envisaged stability, the local industry continues to find ways of increasing productivity through increased engagement with relevant stakeholders.


ZNCC is engaging the chamber’s past presidents towards improving their engagements with various stakeholders in influencing policies that promote economic growth.


ZNCC membership and Public Relations Officer, Ms Linda Mutendi said engagement with stakeholders as well as government is critical in enhancing productivity.


”We are engaging former presidents of the chamber to find out on how they were operating since 1980 and this assists us when we engage government in coming up with policies that promote productivity. This is also part of the deepening of relations between the chamber and the government for economic prosperity,” said Ms Mutendi.


Currently the industry is operating at between 40 and 50% capacity utilisation and for the industry to reach 100% there is need for the adoption of policies that promote productivity.