It is not every day that communities in Dumisa, which is close to the South African and Mozambican borders, get to see musicians performing in this remote part of the country.

A musical gala organised by the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) as part of its de-mining campaign brought much excitement for both the community and the troops who live there.

It was once again a rare treat for the Dumisa community as the ZNA brought different musicians to the area to perform at the land mines awareness gala.

The ZNA hosted a similar event in the area last year.

Despite the nippy weather, by mid-morning, the villagers were already camped at Dumisa Secondary School as they waited on the start of the gala later in the evening.

Most of the elders whiled up time consuming the popular beer in the area known as ‘Chi one day,’ a beer, which as the name suggests, takes one day to brew.

The villagers were drinking seated in groups but the excitement was highly evident.

The main attraction at the gala was Nicholas Madzibaba Zacharia, who left the villagers and army troops clamoring for more after his performance.

ZNA Director Public Relations, Lieutenant Alphios Makotore said the gala is meant to spread awareness on the dangers of landmines.

The ZNA Crocodile Band was also a hit that saw both villagers and army officers taking to the stage.

Among the other groups who performed were Mbada Sounds, Four Lions Band, Masvingo Signals Band as well as Save Sounds from Malipati.