gunss.jpgThe trial of two Zimbabwe National Army officers, Chenjerai Gwirizha and Marksist Mwaruta, who are facing charges of unlawful entry and possession of dangerous weapons opened at the Rotten Raw Court on Wednesday.


The two together with four others who have already been convicted are alleged to have broken into Pomona barracks and stole 21 AK 47 riffles which were later found in possession of the accused.


Gwirizha was found in possession of four AK 47 rifles and Mwaruta was found in possession of 9 AK 47 riffles and one shot gun.


Meanwhile, in an incident that left the Prosecutor Mr. Michael Reza shocked, a police constable who is a Court Orderly in Court 18 left the 21 AK 47 riffles exhibits unattended after the court adjourned for lunch.


The prosecutor later made arrangements with ZNA officers to guard the 21 rifles as the Court Orderly was nowhere to be found.


In another case, police are investigating a 28 year old business man, Frank Buyanga who is facing charges of fraud.


Police Spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka confirmed that Buyanga is facing 33 counts of fraud.


Sources say charges against Buyanga emanates from a money lending scam which he would manipulate to seize people’s houses.