Media, Information and Publicity Permanent Secretary, Cde Charamba has thrown his weight behind the Zimbabwe Media Commission, (ZMC) on its stance that newspapers published outside the country and are sold in the country should be registered.

The directive by the ZMC for all foreign newspapers that are sold in Zimbabwe to be registered was first made in 2010.

On the 3rd of February this year, ZMC Chairman, Godfrey Majonga repeated the call and warned that those who do not comply with the requirement will be barred from distributing their papers in the country.

Cde Charamba said while the foreign papers circulating in the country are siphoning out profits from Zimbabwe, they have not brought any benefits to locals except the paltry wages paid to the newspaper vendors.

He urged the ZMC to ensure that the foreign publications comply with the same obligations that local papers, which play a role in nation building, are subjected to.