eu_flag.pngThe Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) has exposed the European Union’s plot to manipulate the local media by promising to approve a US$500 000 support project that will see the ZMC secretariat being replaced by a western-backed coordinator.

ZMC Chairman for administration and finance, Mr. Mathew Takaona confirmed that the EU has presented them a document which proposes to overhaul the whole ZMC secretariat and replace it with the one led by a western coordinator.

Political scientist, who is also media analyst, Professor Jonathan Moyo said the whole idea smacks of a parallel media drive to effect regime change sponsored by the west which he said is deep rooted in the Prime Minister’s office ahead of this year’s election to use dirty tactics like they did in North Africa.

This is not the first time that reports of western sponsored structures have been unearthed in the country.

Last year, the Prime Minister’s office came under the spotlight for setting up and coordinating parallel media and government structures.

Observers say it is high time that such levels of interference by the EU and the MDC-T in attempting to overhaul, not only the ZMC, but to smuggle western interests in the new constitution, are dismissed with the contempt they deserve.