The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has partnered Radio Zimbabwe which is the country’s leading radio station to engage citizens to conserve water and settle their bills to the water authority that have ballooned to $120 million.

ZINWA is owed at least $120 million in form of unpaid water bills prompting the water authority to partner Radio Zimbabwe in a campaign to urge clients to settle their bills as well as improving water conservation among other issues.

In an interview at the sidelines of Checheche road show, ZINWA Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager Tsungirirai Shoriwa said the huge figure of unpaid bills is affecting viability of the water authority hence the current campaigns.

He said the water authority is open for payment plans adding that it is taking advantage of the campaigns to educate citizens on the important of water conservation.

“The campaigns we are holding in partnership with Radio Zimbabwe are aimed at improving the relationship between ZINWA and its customers. We want the clients to understand the importance of water conservation and paying of water bills,” he said.

The campaign at Checheche Growth Point was spiced up with solid and highly entertaining dances that mirrors the joy that grips listeners whenever Radio Zimbabwe conducts road shows in different parts of the country.