zimtrade1.jpgZimTrade has assisted more than 1 300 small holder farmers in accessing new export markerts in the region and beyond.


In a move that is set to boost the horticulture industry, ZimTrade engaged small holder farmers around the country with a view to assist them in seeking new export markets.

In an interview with ZBC News in the capital, ZimTrade Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Crispen Tsvarai said his organisation in partnership with the EU has assisted more than 1 300 farmers around the country which will create linkages with other regional partners.

“ZimTrade in partnership with the EU is implementing trade and marketing projects to assist rural horticulture farmers through training to enter the export market. We had visits to Kenya so that we can benchmark their products,” said Mr. Tsvarai.

Mr. Tsvarai noted that his organisation took several companies to exhibitions in the region and beyond which generated a lot of business for local firms with some already setting shop in regional countries.

“Our trade missions were a success including the local fairs which generated a lot of business for participants and we had set a target of US$4 million for every trade mission though at some instances we failed to meet it, but like any organisation we are happy with what we achieved,” Mr. Tsvarai added.

In 2010, ZimTrade took companies to 8 countries for exhibitions and in the forthcoming New Year the organisation is eyeing new markets in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.