ac milan logo.jpgZimbabwe’s three AC Milan ‘trainees’ are back in the country with positive stories to share after a week-long Junior Camp at the Italian giants.


And the confidence is now there for all to see!

The unforgettable emotions and experiences gathered at the junior camp will certainly drive Simon Solobala, Anesu Fensi and Malvern Mudzuka to aim for bigger dreams.

The three will now be under the constant watch of the Italian giants’ scouts for the next three years and already Simon is dreaming big.

The AC Milan Junior Camp had about 500 boys from various countries trying their luck at the Italian giants.

Solobala’s skills caught the eyes of the scouts as he earned the Golden Boot in the Under 11 boys and player of the tournament.

The Junior Camp seeks to develop young soccer talents worldwide and requires no test of soccer skills but a commitment and love for the game.