Local entrepreneurs say Zimbabwe remains a viable investment destination in spite of challenges hindering recovery of key economic sectors.

This emerged at the 2011 Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Harare Branch Business Awards Ceremony, where the business community expressed optimism that the nation has a potential to attract both local and external investment.

The chief executive of a local funeral assurance firm, Mr Phillip Mataranyika, who scoped the 2011 Businessman of the Year Award, said Zimbabwe’s vast resources, skilled human capital and competent entrepreneurs are an indication that the economy remains safe and viable for doing business.

“This is a clear testimony that Zimbabwe is still safe and profitable and we hope this will continue in the near future,” Mr Mataranyika said.

Local entrepreneurs, who also won awards in different categories, revealed that the business community is committed to working with the government.

The 2011 ZNCC business awards were held at a time when the government and the private sector are working towards restoring business confidence for an industry, which had suffered a knock in the past decade due to sanctions induced financial constraints.