The country’s indigenisation and empowerment programmes have yielded positive results that can help transform the economy if the noble programme continues to be implemented effectively.

The Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment held a press briefing in the capital to announce the departure of the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) chief executive office Mr Wilson Gwatiringa with Mr Rangu Nyamurundira assuming the role of acting chief executive officer.

Outgoing NIEEB chairperson Mr Gwatiringa said Zimbabwe needs to continue implementing the noble programme that has been a resounding success so far and engage more companies in order to accelerate the empowerment process.

Speaking on behalf of the Youths Minister Cde Patrick Zhuwawo, the acting principal director for the ministry Mr Elias Murinda commended Mr Gwatiringa for working tirelessly to achieve government’s indigenisation and economic empowerment agenda.

The acting NIEEB chief executive officer Mr Nyamurundira says he will continue to work towards the success of the empowerment drive and ensure the benefits accrue to all districts in the country especially the marginalised rural communities.

Mr Gwatiringa is the first NIEEB chief executive officer and has been at the helm of the empowerment board for the past 6 years 8 months.

Since 2010 Mr Gwatiringa presided over key government negotiations that resulted in the establishment of 61 community share ownership trusts among other achievements.