Tentative signs point towards a positive direction for the country’s economy going forward with industry leaders advising that this trajectory can be benchmarked on key sectors such as agriculture and mining.

Agriculture remains a key pillar within the country’s economy representing between 15 -19 percent contribution to the gross domestic product.

Given that when agriculture performs extremely well the rest of the economy responds positively, the expected good yield from this season represents quick returns for the economy hence the need to benchmark recovery on this sector.

Sustaining productivity within this industry is of essence and this should stretch to providing adequate funding to farming operations.

The best part is that government sees the real value and importance of this sector and is already supporting it under the command agriculture programme.

The country can also leverage its recovery on its abundant natural resources, only this time focus should be expanded to other minerals.

Revisiting investment bottlenecks will be critical to attracting investors into the mining sector with revelations that there are a number of enquiries towards the small scale and artisanal mining industry which they hope will translate into tangible business deals.

To effectively maximise on export receipts, the country can heighten its emphasis on mineral value addition which will also be critical for employment opportunities, revenues and technological transfers.