diamonds.jpgZimbabwe is consulting Botswana in coming up with a diamond policy aimed at realising maximum value in terms of profits and production of the precious mineral.

Diamonds are the leading component of the mineral sector in Botswana since large scale production started in the early 1970’s, according to a global diamond mining report.

The report notes that Botswana has also emerged as a shining example of how diamonds can transform socio economic development in terms of exports growth, foreign currency import cover and job creation through accountable or transparent policies.

The Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development Cde Polite Kambura who held meetings with the Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Sector in Botswana, Mr Eric Mithibi on the sidelines of a recently held Africa Mining Summit in Gaborone, said Zimbabwe stands to benefit from technical expertise from the neighbouring nation.

“We are looking at all the issues that have to do with the mining of the commodity and we anticipate an increase in production to unlock value in the future,” said Cde Kambura.

The proposed diamond mining policy in Zimbabwe seeks to ensure communities benefit from the precious mineral, facilitate value addition or beneficiation, increase investments, cutting and polishing, and exploration among other issues.