The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is instituting sound measures to plug financial irregularities and put in check corrupt practices at the country’s borders.

According to the revenue collection agency, there has been little involvement of its staff in aiding the smuggling of goods through its borders as counter-checking measures are in place.

ZIMRA admits losing potential revenue to smuggling, a practice officials say is taking place along border lines rather than through the official border entry points.

ZIMRA regional manager, Mrs Ella Mashiri said to effectively monitor and reduce corruption at the borders, the agency intends to install CCTV’s at all its border posts and with funds permitting, procure some drones to monitor the activities of smugglers along border areas.

ZIMRA board vice chairperson, Mrs Josephine Matambo said the organisation will always strive for openness and to fight corruption.

After a familiarisation of the Kariba Border Post, either side of the Zambezi River, Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Development chairman, Cde Felix Mhona expressed satisfaction with the operational efficiencies of both ZIMRA and immigration staff in Kariba and emphasized the need to financially capacitate the revenue collector to enable it fight corruption and smuggling.

The committee is expected to tour all the country’s borders within the next two months.