toll gate ed.jpgA 25 year old Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) administrator, Victor Nyathi has appeared before a Harare magistrate facing charges of theft of close to US$ 1,7 million in toll gate fees.

The state, represented by Mr Michael Reza alleges that from the period extending from July to August this year, Victor Nyathi unlawfully and intentionally took thousands of toll gate tickets and converted the money to his own use.

According to state papers, Nyathi allegedly took 21 605 passenger motor vehicle books with 50 tickets each, 1360 heavy vehicles ticket books with 50 tickets each, 2400 minibus ticket books with 50 tickets each, 160 bus ticket books with 50 tickets each and 318 haulage ticket books with 50 tickets each.

 The scam was discovered at Eskbank toll gate along Mazoe road where 22 unregistered toll gate books were discovered.

It is further alleged that these books were found missing but were reflecting that they had been ordered from central stores by the accused but there was no indication of how they had been issued out from the store room.

The books were allegedly distributed to Shamva toll gate, Inkomo, Norton, Skyline, Lions Den and Eskbank toll gates, suggesting that more people could be arrested in the scam.

Meanwhile, another ZIMRA official, Memory Martin who was in charge of cashiers at Eskbank toll gate has appeared in court facing similar charges.

The toll gate fee was introduced by the government to collect revenue whose mandate is to maintain the country’s roads among other needs.