bob.jpgZIMPLATS has been heavily criticised, not only by Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, but also by traditional leaders for ignoring the community it is operating from, in terms of infrastructural development and other social obligations it is expected to be fulfilling. 

Cde Mugabe, the Head of State and Government and Commander-in -Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, was at St Michaels in Mhondoro-Ngezi, on what he described as his long-awaited third visit to the constituency, this time to officially open a newly built Opportunistic Infections Clinic at the Mission. 


During a briefing held before the main function, Cde Mugabe took the opportunity to remind traditional leaders to be wary of the ugly hand of the imperialist by taking a leading role in safeguarding the gains of the liberation struggle during the on-going constitution making process.
 He told the ZANU PF leadership in Mashonaland West to be on the fore-front in ensuring that the people  get a fair share from the country’s abundant resources, sighting the failure by ZIMPLATS and other foreign companies to plough back to communities they are operating from, adding that this was unacceptable.
“Companies like ZIMPLATS should be socially responsible, they should assist in the development of the communities they are in,” President Mugabe said.
In his address to hundreds of people gathered at St. Michaels Mission to witness to official opening of the Opportunistic Infection Clinic, Cde Mugabe had not kind words for the British, Americans and their allies, describing their latest interference to bar Zimbabwe from selling its diamonds as not only evil but an act of desperation.
“Foreigners should come here to work and not to overtake the ownership of our resources,” said President Mugabe.
Local Chiefs led by Chief Murabwa echoed the same sentiments by Cde Mugabe, describing the failure by ZIMPLATS to support the community they are operating from as betrayal, not only to the people in the area, but to those who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the country.
The HIV and AIDs care programme at the Opportunistic Infections Clinic started at St. Michaels in 200l, when four people were diagnosed and referred to All Souls Mission for treatment by Dr. Maria Buggiani, the Medical Superintendent at the hospital.
To date a total of three thousand one hundred patients are on the Hospital’s Opportunistic Infections Clinic Register.
Cde Mugabe also donated computers and pledged his commitment to assist the hospital with resources to carry its operations such as outreach programs.