rhino poaching 11-01-12.jpgWildlife in Africa is a symbol of strength and nobility but it has, however, been threatened by human existence with agricultural activities and poaching being major contributors.

This came to light at the launch of the wildlife campaign dubbed ‘Poaching Steals From Us All” held in the capital.

Africa is home to a diverse and large wildlife resource.

Zimbabwe has the second largest number of elephants on the continent and is fourth in as far as the number of rhinos is concerned.

However, wildlife is often threatened by human agricultural activities and poaching which prompted San Francisco-based Wildaid to partner Zimparks in raising awareness on the importance of protecting the wildlife resource.

Wildaid CEO Peter Knights said the campaign is aimed at urging Africans to internally invest in their economies by visiting their national parks thus promoting local tourism.

Present at the event was US-based Zimbabwean actress and wildlife campaign ambassador Danai Gurira who indicated that there is so much beauty in wildlife which needs to be tapped into.

“There is need for Zimbabweans to guard wildlife jealously if we are to attract foreign visitors,” said Gurira.

Statistics indicate that Africa has seen a decline in the number of wildlife since it is left with 400 000 elephants, 20 000 lions, 30 000 rhinos, 10 000 cheetahs and 20 000 giraffes and this is mainly attributable to poaching.

Zimbabwe together with Kenya, Namibia and South Africa have the largest number of rhinos.