A cabin suburb has surfaced in Budiriro 5 area of Harare were almost every homestead has its own cabin house.

The human nature has since time immemorial shared a strong bond with its environs.

It is against this background that people grow trees and in turn use them for various purposes.

Of interest is Budiriro 5 suburb’s cabin houses which have form the bigger part of the settlement with the occupants attributing low costs as the reason of the influx of such houses.

The size of the family also determines the size of the cabin echoed some of the residents.

It is a brisk business for those who construct these cabin houses as they make a lot of money from their sales.

In Manicaland Province many cabin houses are made from timber as this is also the province where timber is found in abundance.

Strange enough some have made permanent structures from these wooden cabins making houses for life.