Zimbabweans have been urged to vote wisely in defense of the country’s revolution as well as giving a fresh mandate to President Emmerson Mnangagwa who in only seven months in office has displayed his leadership abilities needed in turning around the fortunes of the country.

Addressing a number of political rallies in Chimanimani West to gunner support for the revolutionary party ahead of the July 30 elections, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa who is also Minister of State for Manicaland Province said Zimbabweans should vote for President Mnangagwa whose track record in spearheading the Command Agriculture Programme, reviving the industry and attracting foreign direct investments exceeding $20 billion within few months only reflect his able leadership.

Senator Mutsvangwa said Zanu PF under President Mnangagwa has lined up a number of developmental projects that include provision of basic infrastructure, revival of the industry, provision of social services as well as supporting Command Agriculture and Command Livestock Programme among other initiatives, stating that voting for the revolutionary party should be a priority as it is a chance that only comes once after every five years.

“What has been done by President Mnangagwa in the past seven months shows that he is the right leader to revive the economy especially on the backdrop of attracting over $20 billion in FDI,” she said.

Senator Mutsvangwa said the issue of complains by MDC Alliance on the composition of ZEC officials only reflects panic on the forgone election outcome that will see Zanu PF winning resoundingly stating that the officials were seconded by Zanu PF and two MDC formations.

“The MDC formations with representation in parliament seconded representatives to form ZEC hence they should not complain over its representation,” she said.

Chimanimani West constituency is expected to resoundingly elect President Mnangagwa and three women candidates that are Senator Monica Mutsvangwa, Esther Chikuni under the women’s quota and Nokuthula Matsikenyere as the constituency legislator with the victory for Zanu PF also being victory for women representation on key leadership positions.