Vice President Kembo Dugish Campbell Mohadi has appealed to all Zimbabweans to rally behind the new government which strongly believes that engagement and servant leadership will help the country attain its former glory.

Cde Mohadi said this during a party in Gwanda today, to celebrate his recent elevation to the presidium.

The colourful event that was graced by senior government officials and Zanu PF party officials, traditional leaders, the business community among others presented Vice President Mohadi with an opportunity to unpack the vision of the new political dispensation and explain the role of Zimbabweans in getting the country moving again.

Cde Mohadi said they are aware that without the support of Zimbabweans, the government will not succeed in its quest to rebuild the economy hence its emphasis on servant leadership.

The Vice President who is also responsible for administering the Peace and Reconciliation Portfolio underscored the need for peace and unity to continue prevailing if the national development agenda is to be realised.

Matabeleland South’s political leadership said the ascendency of Cde Mohadi to the presidium is a great honour to the province.

The occasion also saw representatives of various provinces and organisations delivering solidarity messages while well-wishers showered Vice President Mohadi with presents.

As expected at a party, guests were treated to a feast and a cake while various artists kept the gathering entertained with their polished performances.