The Ministry of Health and Child Care is advising  people not to panic over claims of a deadly flu bug saying there is no link between avian flu and the flue like symptoms that some people are experiencing which are a mutation of the flu virus that responds to medication.

Director of epidemiology and disease control at the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Dr Portia Manangazira said extra care is however needed for vulnerable members of society that include children and the elderly.

Some people who have contracted the sever flue are complaining of severe coughing and headache and are having high temperatures.

The flu bug may cause complications if not treated early especially in young children and the elderly.
The bug has malaria-like symptoms and severely weakens its victims.
Dr Manangazira said the country is likely to have more cases as we transition into the hot season from winter.

She added flu is caused by a virus and every season the virus mutates and may require stronger medication.