As the nation awaits the logical conclusion of the harmonised election which will see President elect, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa being inaugurated if the legal route being promised by the MDC Alliance to challenge the outcome does not succeed, analysts have underscored the need for progressive Zimbabweans to remain focused in line with the country’s open for business mantra which has the potential to turnaround the country’s economic fortunes.

The elections have come and gone and it is now business as usual around the country as the count down continues towards the last day parties are supposed to file their petitions.

“We are still within the 7 days up to Friday, if the MDC Alliance fails to challenge the result, then in 48 hours the president can be inaugurated. After all, the contestation by the MDC Alliance has to be evidence based and authentic enough as compared to what ZEC and other organisations have published,” a political analyst, Dr Maxwell Hove said.

On the economic front, analysts said the trajectory pursued by Cde Mnangagwa under the Zimbabwe is open for business should set the tone to kick start the long awaited turnaround of the country economy.

“The nation has to move forward despite the bickering by the MDC Alliance. Once the President elect is inaugurated and parliament sworn in, it should be business and production. The President elect has a very good template to bring sanity to the economy, create jobs, build infrastructure, improve health sector, just to mention a few, so people should remain focused during these trying times,” an economic analyst, Dr Davison Gomo said.

Others said congratulatory messages flowing into the country following Cde Mnangagwa’s victory is a clear endorsement that the political season is done with and it time to rebuild the economy.

“The numerous congratulatory messages pouring into the country on the President Elect, are a clear and emphatic endorsement that the curtain is finally coming down on the political season and it is time for political parties to recognise that it now time for business and building the economy as a nation,” said Langton Mabhanga, the National Business Council of Zimbabwe President.

The President elect has received congratulatory message from regional and continental leaders while the outside world and observation missions have commended the just ended harmonised elections as credible.