The Italian cuisine commemorations second edition will be held in the capital this Tuesday (tomorrow).

In celebration of the Italian Cuisine Week, Zimbabwe together with a number of other countries will be hosting the Italian Cuisine Week with a number of workshops and dinners lined up for the event.

The event is meant to promote Italian culinary world over as well as promoting local agriculture and the food value chain as agriculture remains the centre for food production.

One of the best Italian chefs from Italy Stefano Santo who is in the country for the commemorations said they are looking forward to improvising recipes blended from Italian and Zimbabwean ingredients.

The International Italian Cuisine Week will commence from the 21st to the 25th of November in the capital as a way of promoting cultural exchange between Italy and Zimbabwe.

The event will feature a series of training sessions and dinners featuring the creations of two chefs from Italy of the Alma International School of Italian Cuisine in Parma.