broadcasting children.jpgZimbabwe joins the rest of the world in commemorating the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting as the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) marks its 20th anniversary.


Children visited the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings Television department and radio stations where they were exposed to the microphone and the art of live broadcasting. 


The media is one of the most widely recognized ways to reach young people.  Broadcasters have the responsibility to highlight issues that face children and to open young people’s eyes to opportunities and rights that may not be known to them.


The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings invited children to participate in some of their programmes on television and radio. Power FM Executive producer for the Children’s programme, Hazvinei Sakarombe, popularly known as DJ Chili said Power FM has come up with programmes that create exposure to the issue of children’s rights.

The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) was created to give exposure to the issue of children’s rights.  Over the years, it also has become a day of celebrating young people in the media. 


 Whether it is a quality education or a safe home, adequate food and drinking water or the ability to participate in society, children should get what they need to become strong members of society.

The rights to participation and expression are an integral part of adolescent development. Broadcasters have the chance to empower young people by giving them media skills and putting their voices on the air. This shows other young people that they, too, can have a voice. It also shows the world what young people’s thoughts are about their lives and communities.

Radio and television broadcasters every year are invited to celebrate the ICDB and highlight programming for children.  This year’s theme is ‘All Rights All Children’.