zanu pf sanctions march.jpgZanu PF Harare province has intensified efforts to mobilise the majority ahead of the Anti-sanctions Petition Campaign launch by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe this Wednesday, with hopes that the message will be clear to the west that Zimbabwe has had enough of the west’s arrogance.

Thousands are expected to gather in Harare for the launch of the Anti-Sanctions Petition Campaign meant to send a clear message to the West that Zimbabwe is fed up with the global arrogance demonstrated by the US, Britain and their allies through the imposition of illegal sanctions and the recent extension of the sanctions by the EU by a further year.

Zanu PF Harare province political commissar for the Women’s League, Cde Agnes Musarurwa says the masses in Harare should turn out in large numbers and demonstrate that Zimbabwe is a sovereign state that should be allowed to determine its own political destiny.

“We are trying to send a very clear message to the global bullies that their arrogance and domination over weaker nations is not acceptable in Zimbabwe and the sanctions must be removed,” said Cde Musarurwa.

The province’s political commissar, Cde Onesimo Gore, noted that the province is fully supportive of President Mugabe’s unequivocal stance against the illegal sanctions.

“We are fully behind the efforts by President Mugabe for the removal of sanctions. Our President has been all over calling for the removal of sanctions and this Wednesday will be a landmark development,” he said.

War veterans and ex-detainees also added their voice saying the sanctions have had a negative effect on the ordinary people and must be removed forthwith.

“The sanctions are not targeted at all they have crippled the economy,” said one ex-detainee.

The European Union extended the illegal sanctions by another year at its meeting in Brussels on the 15th of February, a development that has irked many progressive Zimbabweans.

The MDC-T has maintained silence which analysts believe shows its complicity with western powers in the imposition of sanctions to effect illegal regime change.