dr amos makarau.jpgZimbabwe has been elected unopposed to the post of Vice President of the World Meteorological Organisation Regional Association 1 (Africa) for the second term.

The election will see the country being at the helm of the regional association of Africa for the next four years beginning Thursday 4 November 2010.


The appointment of the country to the vice presidency of the regional association came through the Director of the Meteorological Services Department, Dr Amos Makarau.


Dr Makarau will be deputising Dr Mohammad L.Bah of Guinea Bissau, who has also been returned to the post of President of the association for a second term in office.



 In his acceptance speech, Dr Makarau, who commended the region for its expression of unity, said as a servant of Africa he will support the Regional association 1 (Africa) President to come up with improved technical capacity and address the impact of climate change through the implementation of the newly adopted strategic plan for the region. 


Dr Makarau also said on the agenda for the next four years will be to see to it that all meteorological services in Africa have national strategic plans and are abiding by the deadlines which have been set in the region especially the civil aviation deadline of November 2012.


Asked of what benefit is such an appointment to the country, Dr Makarau said it will enable Zimbabwe to have an in-depth knowledge of meteorology from attending WMO executive council meetings where one has the privilege of getting inside information that can assist the country.


He said such assistance can come in the form of international partnerships and co-operations as well as technological transfer adding that his post as Vice President will enablen to mobilise resources for the region and Zimbabwe in particular.


Zimbabwe has over the years been very active in issues to do with meteorology as seen by the hosting of a number of events as well as the authoring, formulation and development of the newly adopted Regional Association 1 Africa Strategic Plan in the country. 


This year alone, the country has managed to host a number of meteorological and hydrological seminars and workshops among them Meteorological Association of Southern Africa (MASA) and Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF).

Analysts say the appointment is clear indication that the Africa has confidence in the way Zimbabwe conducts its business irrespective of the challenges the country is facing.


In their congratulating messages Southern African Development Community (SADC), Meteorological Association of Southern Africa (MASA), Nigeria and Mauritania representing their region among other regional bodies said the WMO Regional Association 1 (Africa) secretariat should prioritise resource mobilisation to enable the region to implement and operationalise all meteorological programmes and activities laid in the strategic plan.

They said upon their second term in office they should show high commitment to duty considering that the region is faced with huge meteorologically related challenges, especially in education and training, scientific research, observation and forecasting as well as information dissemination among other things.