Zimbabwe and Zambia have embarked on a joint anti-cholera initiative to ensure that the outbreak experienced in the neighbouring country does not spread to Zimbabwe through the country’s border posts.

Matabeleland North provincial medical director Dr Nyasha Masuka said the Ministry of Health and Child Care is also mobilising resources to set up a cholera camp at Chinotimba Clinic in Victoria Falls to keep it ready for use in the event of an outbreak.

“The reason why i have instructed them to do this, you don’t want to start running around when you have cases. You already want to have your cholera camp ready, so we are going to put up a cholera tent there, get some cholera beds and you know and have some drills so that we know if we get a case how do we go about it, just to be  prepared, but people should not be scared that we have put up a cholera camp and say that maybe there is cholera. It’s just to be prepared,” said Dr Masuka.

The Department of Civil Protection has already met at district level in Hwange to allow stakeholders to present their requirements in case of an outbreak.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care is also urging the public to avoid open defecation, use clean water and wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet among other preventative measures.

The Zambian government is also carrying out similar initiatives in the resort town of Livingstone and the health authorities from two countries update each other on cholera issues on a regular basis.