diamonds1.jpgAlmost five years after the discovery of diamonds in Zimbabwe, the country is still to realise benefits from the precious stones as a result of persistent efforts by vested interests to its certification to pave way for auctioning of the mineral which has the ability to revive the local economy.

Zimbabwe’s alluvial diamond resource in Marange is arguably one of the biggest deposits after Kimberley in South Africa and a possible stepping stone for the country to bust the decade long illegal sanctions imposed by the West and see the resurgence of the local economy which is currently in dire need of stimulus package.

Having lived for a decade under economic difficulties induced by the harsh economic sanctions imposed by Western Countries, Zimbabweans had genuinely hoped that respite had come through God given resources-diamonds which were discovered in Marange. However, it is disturbing to note that to date the country is still yet to benefit from the sale of its gems due some crafted schemes to disrupt the auctioning of the gems.

Interestingly the same voices which criticised the land reform programme have once again appeared to derail the sale of Zimbabwe’s minerals.

The recent moves to amend the Zimbabwe Democracy Economic Recovery Act to introduce a new bill the Zimbabwe Transition to Democracy and Economic Recovery Act by U.S. senators Russell Feingold, Johnny Isakson and John Kerry is a clear demonstration that the hand of destabilization which the US used to hide is no longer an issue of secrecy. The new bill seeks to ban the trade in Zimbabwe’s diamonds until a period when Western countries will be in a position of controlling Zimbabwe’s precious minerals. 

The Kimberly Process Certification has become a weapon through which the US and her allies have employed to derail the sale of Zimbabwean diamonds. Indigenous Business Development Centre IBDC Chief Executive Officer Mr. Joshua Marufu who likened attempts to derail diamonds sale to economic sanctions said such efforts serve no good interests but rather seeks to perpetuate the suffering of the local populace.

Business Consultant Mr. Willie Ganda said the cash strapped economy can only be resuscitated through the injection of stimulus package from the sale of the local diamonds.

KP Diamond monitor to Zimbabwe Mr. Abbey Chikane who has since expressed satisfaction in the diamond mining process in the country is expected soon for a  further assessment and a possible certification of the country’s diamonds.
Some analysts say the monitor is definitely under pressure given the recent pronouncement by US Congressman Mr. Russell Feingold that, “Zimbabwe’s continued participation in the Kimberley Process undermines the integrity and important work of that process.”

The analysts pointed out that Mr. Chikane has no choice but to delay certifying Zimbabwe’s diamonds so that the US can pass the bill into law first. It therefore waits to be seen whether the South Africa born monitor together with the KP executive board will play to the tune of US or consider the plight of the millions of Zimbabweans currently bearing the effects of the economic sanctions.

What is clear though is that the US is determined to see to it that Zimbabwe is suffocated by making sure that all avenues of resuscitating its economy are blocked. Western countries have a tainted history when it comes to diamonds, for it is not in doubt that they are prepared to sponsor even civil wars-as long as they will get the control of diamonds.