kimberley_process.jpgPlayers in the local mining industry have raised concern over the possible manipulation of the Kimberley Process (KP) by the United States, which recently assumed the KP chair after a compromise reached last year by the participants in the global diamond industry watchdog.

Washington, which last week announced the appointment of former US Ambassador to Mali and Macedonia, Mr Gillian Milovanivic as the KP Chair, has already clearly demonstrated its intention to tighten the grip on Zimbabwe by placing two local diamond mining firms under sanctions.

Political analyst, Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa expressed hope that the incoming chair, who has vast experience in the diplomatic field, will respect the decisions made by the entire KP family in the past and put aside the political confrontation between her country and Zimbabwe when handling KP business.

Milovanivic, who is taking over from DRC’s Matheu Yamba, assumes the post at a time the global diamond industry is beginning to regain its integrity after a near collapse in 2011 due to an impasse over Zimbabwe’s diamonds.

Businessman, Mr Supa Mandiwanzira is hopeful the new chair will abide by the KP values which include teamwork, consultation and transparency.

Last year in November, the KP unanimously agreed to certify Zimbabwe’s diamonds as well as the appointment of US to the post of Deputy Chair which by that time was vacant.

US will be at the helm of the KP for the entire year while deputised by South Africa.