tanzania delegation.jpgA delegation of Zimbabwean women who had gone for an exchange program in Tanzania have graduated from the Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI), arrived back home in the country Sunday afternoon.


The delegation returned home equipped with Masters of Business Administration degrees with the mandate to empower women in the country.


Fifteen women graduated with post graduate degrees which they say will enable them to further their opportunities in life.


“We are part and participles of those women who have been given the opportunity to show themselves in the society,” said one of the women.


The coordinator of the initiative, Isuzu Neune, said the programme is aimed at empowering women in society.


“This program is meant to benefit women in Southern Africa and to empower them in their activities,” she said.


Zimbabwe and Tanzania share strong relations forged during the era of the liberation struggle against colonial bondage and the training of these women is a clear indication that the two countries still have a lot to share in terms of human resources development.


The programme was initiated and supported by the government of Zimbabwe and beneficiaries were drawn from across various sectors.