Outgoing Indonesian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Stephanus Yuwono says Zimbabwe is coping well in the second republic and is well poised to claim its place at the apex as an economic giant in Africa and beyond.

Ambassador Yuwono, who has been in Zimbabwe for the last four years, was bidding President Emmerson Mnangagwa farewell at his Munhumutapa offices today.

Drawing comparisons with the post-1998 reformation era of Indonesia which he said was more extreme than Zimbabwe’s political developments of 2017, Ambassador Yuwono said Zimbabwe just has to leverage on its natural resources and human capital to rebuild the country.

The Indonesian Ambassador said this, however, is not a job for the government alone but every Zimbabwean must also play a part by complementing government efforts to revitalise the economy.

Ambassador Yuwono said Jakarta will always cherish Zimbabwe’s support in its successful bid to become a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for a two year term which will commence on the 1st of January 2019.

The Ambassador pledged to make a recommendation for his government to increase the number of Zimbabwean students studying various disciplines in Indonesia.

He said he will miss the homeliness of Zimbabwe adding he will make a follow up on the infrastructure deals that an Indonesian delegation to Zimbabwe made when it visited the country recently.