Zimbabwe’s commitment to democratic reforms under President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s new dispensation has brought a new dimension to the relations between the West and Harare, with the United States of America among some of the countries that have been impressed by Zimbabwe for this stance.

Cde Victor Matemadanda

Deputy Minister of Defence and War Veterans Cde Victor Matemadanda has described United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Brian Nichols as a breath of fresh air compared to previous ambassadors posted to Zimbabwe.

Ambassador Nichols handed over US$2.4 million in aid for Cyclone Idai survivors stating that relations between Washington and Harare are on the mend.

He called on the European Union to take a leaf from America.

He also called out opposition political outfit, the MDC Alliance, for continuing to advocate for the illegal sanctions to remain in place ignoring the fact that they are hurting ordinary Zimbabweans, including their supporters.