A cocktail of strategic measures is required to attract more tourists to Zimbabwe thus generating much needed foreign currency.

Experts say there is also need to incentivise tourists to spend more by reducing the price of products which are expensive compared with the region.

Increased efforts are required to make the Zimbabwean tourism products more attractive to both domestic and foreign tourists if the sector is to attain the $5 billion revenue mark from the current $1 billion.

Legislators contend local tourism products are too expensive for the average tourists who choose to take business to Zimbabwe’s neighbours thus necessitating significant downward pricing adjustments.

Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management chief executive officer Dr Mthokozisi Nkosi believes there is also need to step up marketing of other unique destinations like the Mana Pools and Hot Springs in Binga as the popular tourist destinations have been over marketed.

Experts said there is need to come up with more attractive packages to attract big spenders from foreign markets complimented by products also targeting domestic tourists.

Measures should also be taken towards enhancing connectivity and other enablers in order to enhance tourism.