diamonds 03.08.10.jpgThe country has been urged to come up with a clear diamond beneficiation strategy which will ensure that the country fully benefits from the resource.

The call for the adoption of a diamond beneficiation strategy comes at a time the country eagerly awaits the resumption of diamonds auctioning which is set for this Wednesday as well as recent reports indicating that Zimbabwe is expected to account for over 25% of the global diamond supply.


Speaking at the sidelines of the ongoing Kimberley Process Review Mission meetings in the capital, Diamond Commissioner for Namibia Mr. Kennedy Hamutenga said the country should come up with a strategy which ensures the country’s involvement in the whole global diamond value chain including mining, sorting, polishing as well as jewellery manufacturing.

“It is high time the country implements a clear diamond beneficiations strategy which ensures maximum beneficiation from the resource.

“We should not export rough diamonds but we should move towards sorting, polishing and manufacturing,” said Mr. Hamutenga. 

The Kimberley Process Review Mission team is in the country on a four day visit to assess the implementation of the Joint Work Plan as well as to make recommendations concerning the further exports of stockpiled diamonds.

Head of the KP Review Mission delegation, Liberian Deputy Minister of Mines Mr. Kpandel Fayia as well as Global Witnesses representative Mike Davies and KP Monitor Mr. Abbey Chikane brushed off interviews with Zbc news team on the premise that they were not mandated to do so.

As part of their visit, the KP Review Mission team members are expected to visit Chiadzwa and deliberate with key stakeholders in the local diamond industry.

The team’s fact finding report is expected to be out by September 30, 2010.

 During the 2009 plenary meeting in Swakopmund, Namibia, a Joint Work Plan was adopted between Zimbabwe and KP which prescribed additional review mission to assess progress under the arrangement.