Political analyst, journalism and mass media studies lecturer, Alexander Rusero, has urged the nation to forge ahead and draw lessons from the flaws cited in some of the preliminary observer mission reports to strengthen the nation’s democratic tenets.

Rusero said it was illustrative that the country had improved immensely from its pariah state label though it was regrettable that the immediate post election phase had been tainted by violence and deaths.

Zimbabwe is now in the post election phase and preliminary observer missions’ reports from the continental mother bodies among them the AU, SADC and COMEASA and the Commonwealth hailed the peaceful pre-election period, giving a stamp of approval at the opening up of the country’s democratic space.

However, the European Union (EU)’s preliminary report noted the use of state resources and the abuse of state media as some of the flaws in the pre-election period.

Likewise, the UK Minister for Africa, Harriett Baldwin, commended the opening up of the democratic space, the peaceful pre- election and election day environment but bemoaned the post election violence and urged political parties to exercise restraint and pledged continued support for Zimbabwe.

With all these report, a local political analyst, Rusero said the country must work on the identified flaws to strengthen democracy.

On the post election violence, Rusero said it was pointless to play the blame game but urged political party leaders to be on the forefront in quelling any future incidents.

Baldwin in his statement on the country’s elections said: “We have urged all parties to work together to ensure calm, it is vital that any appeals against the results of the process are handled swiftly and impartially. All candidates have a responsibility to ensure their supporters act with restraint and avoid violence, while any challenges to the results are resolved.”