A UK based academic is optimistic that the renewal of Zimbabwe and Britain bilateral ties will improve social, political and economic development for the country.

Hope for the Zimbabwe – UK relations emerged at the 5th graduation ceremony of Zimbabwe’s Open Learning Centre in collaboration with the UK-based University of Gloucestershire in Harare today.

The government’s re-engagement mission has also seen the nation being in talks with the UK about possibilities of renewed relations.

University of Gloucestershire Director of Quality Enhancement, Dr Amanda Pill said the new Zimbabwean government’s commitment in renewing bilateral ties with the UK will set the tone for improved ties in the future.

The improved bilateral ties will also enable both countries to renew exchange programmes in the fields of education, among other key sectors, according to Open Learning Centre Chairperson, Mr Shuaib Masters.

Zimbabwe – UK economic, social and political ties had been strained in the past few years, but the new government is forging ahead with policies to revive the partnerships with the nation’s former coloniser.