Kidney transplants are set for resumption in the country after almost 25 years, a development expected to save the country of huge sums of foreign currency as renal patients will no longer need to travel outside the country for medical services.

Kidney transplants were last done in the country in1992 and were stopped when more resources began to be channelled towards fighting the HIV pandemic.

A new renal transplantation unit is now set to be open at Chitungwiza Central Hospital.

In preparation for the for the opening, a team of three surgeons and four nurses who were selected from theatre and dialysis units and one kidney specialist were sent to Apollo Hospital in India last year to get appropriate training.

Chitungwiza Hospital CEO, Dr Obadiah Moyo indicated that state-of-the-art kidney transplantation and treatment equipment will be installed soon.

“Patients seeking complicated renal treatment and kidney transplants will soon be able to get comprehensive care and treatment at the Sally Mugabe Renal Transplantation Unit,” said Dr Moyo.

A session of dialysis is pegged between US$150 to US$200 in public hospitals and upwards of US$250 at private hospitals.

Most renal patients require two sessions of dialysis per week.