Zimbabwe will host the first ever Wine Festival dubbed the ‘Wosa Victoria Falls Inaugural Grand’s Tasting 2018’ which is set to provide a platform for the importers to interact with producers on how best to develop the wine industry.

Commercial wine production in Zimbabwe dates back to the early 1950s and over the years the country has produced wines of the finest quality that have won awards regionally and internationally.

With a view to consolidate the country’s status as home to some of the finest wines, an inaugural wine festival will be held in Victoria Falls which will bring together wine estates and producers.

Wosa Victoria Falls Inaugural Grands Tasting 2018 coordinator Mrs Kuda Hove said the festival is expected to be an informative event with exciting opportunities for importers and producers to interact.

“It’s the first of its kind and we are so excited that we will be having wine producers from the region to network and share ideas,” she said.

The inaugural Victoria Falls Wine Festival will take place at a time the global tourism body UNWTO has identified wine tourism as one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of the travel and tourism industry with the potential to create more jobs.

“We got a lot of tourists already as a destination and if we improved on our wine list we certainly can benefit more,” added Mrs Hove.

Poet Robert Stevenson once remarked that ‘wine is bottled poetry’.

Participants to the inaugural Victoria Falls Wine Festival will have an opportunity to appreciate the pure beauty of wine making process and perhaps get a glass or two.