Zimbabwe and other countries are in the middle of a total lunar eclipse, the first of two such phenomenon this year.

At exactly 22.20 Hrs this evening, Zimbabwe will experience a total lunar eclipse, which will last an hour and 40 minutes.

A lunar eclipse is when the earth, sun and moon are directly aligned.

In this case, the moon will darken and the spectacle will be visible in the rest of Africa.

For professional hunters, it will be a big night as Wildlife will be confused, making them easy targets.

While modern day appreciates the science behind lunar eclipse, this unusual phenomenon that throws the orderly timing of the cosmos into chaos used to be a frightening sight for our ancestors.

The skies perceived as orderly and dependable would one night cause confusion in the human and animal worlds.

On this night, the moon would rise full and beautiful, then it would slowly starts darkening and more alarming it would disappear.

During that time, chaos would reign and the ancestors would pray and beg for the moon to be returned to the sky.

Eclipses have even influenced history and today, there are still many that attach ancient superstitions to it.

But while the magic show of shadow and light and a disappearing moon grips Africa, it is an important time to appreciate the beauty of nature.