vice president of zim-ms. joice mujuru.jpgZimbabwe is set to benefit from a state-owned company, BEML Limited based in Bangalore that specialises in manufacturing heavy-duty mining equipment and railway rolling stock.

The company has expressed interest in making Zimbabwe a wholesale of its products in Southern African region and Africa as a whole.


The expression of interest by BEML was made by the company’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Viellore Natarajan at a dinner that was hosted for Vice President Joice Mujuru and her delegation on Wednesday evening.

Some of the heavy-duty equipment that it produced include graders, dumpers, draglines, haulage trucks and portable steel bridges.

Mr Natarajan said that Zimbabwe was well-positioned to be its distribution hub because of its strategic location as well as mining and agriculture industries that are viable adding that a number of their products are already in use in Zimbabwe.

He said: “A number of Zimbabwean companies including the government department CMED are said to have expressed interest in a number of our machinery from the company and have placed orders but they have been finding it difficult to secure lines of credit to purchase the equipment.”

He however pointed out that for this to happen there is need for the Zimbabwean government to put together a proposal that it would take to the Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe who will forward it to his government for long term funding of up to 25 years.

The Indian Government has a US$5 billion fund that it set aside to fund projects proposed by Indian companies meant for African countries.

In her response, Vice President Mujuru welcomed the proposal saying that there was need to move with speed to implement the proposal and ensure  that the equipment is shipped as soon as possible to allow those who need it to start working particularly small scale miners.

She commended India as an all-weather friend of Zimbabwe that is always there to assist even in the face of adversity.

Earlier on the Vice President paid a courtesy call on the Governor of State of Karnataka Dr Hans Raj Bhardwaj at his resident after her arrival in Bangalore from New Delhi.

Bangalore is the capital city of the State of Karnataka.

Vice President Mujuru outlined her delegation’s mission which included cementing relations between Zimbabwe and India as well as fostering greater economic co-operation between the two countries in areas such as ICT, technology transfer, skills training and investment promotion.

She added that her visit to India was part of an integrated plan to push forward with the Look East policy that was enunciated by President Mugabe.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mujuru is this Thursday expected to tour a number of companies including the BEML plant for railway rolling stock before winding up her visit to Bangalore.

She is expected to visit Pune, an industrial hub that is also within the State of Karnataka where she will visit companies involved in water management and irrigation before winding up her visit to India.