The uptake of data and internet services by Zimbabweans continue to rise with overall revenues accrued from postal and telecommunication companies surging by 11.2 percent to $1.1 billion during the just ended year.

An abridged 2017 postal and telecommunications sector report released today indicated an improvement in incomes from the depressed growth registered since 2014.

It also indicates the number of active fixed telephone line subscribers declined by 13.6 percent to 264 000 while active mobile subscriptions increased by 9.4 percent to more than 13 million, total postal and courier volumes declined by 7.1 percent, with mobile internet and data usage increasing by 89.8 percent to 15.4 billion megabytes.

However, investments in the sector dropped by more than 22 percent due to foreign currency shortages, limited access to spare parts as well as cashflow constraints.

Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) director general Dr Gift Machengete said market structures however remained relatively unchannged across postal and telecommunication sectors.

“The structures are a key cause for concern despite the growth that has been registered to date and we wonder whether it will change but i am confident of better things to come by in the future,” he said.

The report which includes data on subscriptions, usage traffic, infrastructure deployment, revenues investment and employment creation in the postal and telecommunications industry is used by POTRAZ to monitor and inform policy decisions on the growth of the industry.