The country has suspended all trade in birds and chicken products from South Africa  following reports of an outbreak of the deadly Avian Flu in that  country.

South Africa confirmed an outbreak of the deadly h5n8 bird flu at a  farm in the Free State Province on Friday night, a day before the World Organisation for Animal Health stated on its website a reported case of  the deadly bird flu virus on a commercial poultry farm in Mpumalanga Province.

According to a report by South African agricultural authorities, at least 5000 birds died of the highly contagious disease and the remainder at the farm were in the process of being  de-populated.

Following this outbreak, Zimbabwe’s Veterinary Services Department Director, Dr Josphat Nyika, said they are implementing measures against the possibility of the virus spreading into the country and repeating a process that led to the culling of 142 000 chickens at a local farm in Harare.

South Africa becomes the third African state to be affected by the deadly bird flu virus  after Zimbabwe with the first case having been recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo early this month.