Will the costs of the Western imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe be ever accurately ascertained?

Lives have actually been lost due to sanctions induced hardships that include failure to access medical facilities and even medication, among other things.

While the actual loss cannot be accurately ascertained, Zimbabwe has tried to quantify the loss at least on the economic front, and it is nothing short of a shocker.

Appearing before Parliament today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Retired Lieutenant General Dr Sibusiso Moyo revealed an elaborate and sinister plot to extinguish Zimbabwe’s economy, all because of the country’s affirmative action to empower its people through the land reform programme.

“For those who follow statistics, you will now know that Zimbabwe has lost US$42 billion on potential investment revenue; bilateral donor support of US$4.5 annually since 2001; IMF, World Bank and AfDB loans of up to US$12 billion. The country’s GDP has been reduced by more than US$21 billion over the past two decades of sanctions,” the Minister said.

With these statistics speaking of the erosion of people’s livelihoods to a bare minimum, Dr Moyo said the new dispensation’s internal and external efforts to open up  and engage render the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economy Recovery Act (ZDERA) useless.

“It is now an outdated piece of paper that has run out of necessity and relevance for both the United States of America and Zimbabwe because it only impedes on the interaction between the two countries,” said Retired Lieutenant General Moyo.

He added that with President Emmerson Mnangagwa having clearly spelt out the foreign policy direction of the country, now is the time for all Zimbabweans, in spite of their divergent political backgrounds, to play an ambassadorial role for the country wherever they are.