The Zimbabwe Staff College has embarked on a two week tour of industries and farms to fully understand the dynamics between economic sectors and national security.

innocent nxumalo has the report.

The commandant of the Zimbabwe Staff College, representatives from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, directing staff and students are part of the team on a nationwide two weeklong tour.

Speaking on the sidelines of the farm visit hosted by Mr Adolphous Dube, Zimbabwe Staff College Commandant, Brigadier General Josphat Kuduma said the tour is part of the teaching programmes that are meant to address the diversified nature of national security.

“The definition of national security these days is no longer limited to holding a rifle, but is diversified to cover issues of economic security. By coming down here, we wanted to understand how land reform beneficiaries like Mr Dube contribute to food security.

This helps us to note areas which need further research and to adjust our teaching programmes in relation to what is happening on the ground,” he said.

Students on joint command and staff course number 31 said they learnt a lot from the farm and praised government initiated programmes that support agriculture, highlighting that these will improve the economic status of the nation.

“We have farmers who are doing well and if the government continues to support them through programmes like command livestock, they can set the economy on the right path,” said one student, Major Hlengiwe Dube.

“Agriculture has become a backbone of every nation, what I learnt here is not only going to assist me in my studies but will help develop me after retiring from the army,” said Colonel Raymond Thelubalethu Ndwandwe of Swaziland.

The host farmer, Mr Adolphous Dube applauded the security sector for ensuring a conducive environment for agri-business by maintaining national peace and stability.