The government says the security of Zimbabwe is a national priority and must be safeguarded by every Zimbabwean.

This came out when the Minister of Defence, Dr Sydney Sekeramayi presented a paper on national security to students at the National Defence University in Harare today.

Dr Sekeramayi said there is need to prioritise security of the country and defend the nation from both internal and external threats.

“The constitution mandates the National Security Council to prepare and present reports to the President on issues of national security with the view of improving the country’s social, political and economic situation,” he said.

Turning to the discord on the Command Agriculture Programme, the minister said it is important to focus on the positives brought about by the programme instead of entertaining negative energy.

“Command agriculture is a programme that has safeguarded the country’s food security, so there is need to broaden the programme for the benefit of future generations,” he said.

The programme has reduced the import bill as the country has produced enough for food security.

Dr Sekeramayi invited strategic institutions and policy makers to present on the state of affairs in the country and other important information to students as part of the learning programme.