Zimbabwe has secured more than US$10 million to prepare for the implementation of the Paris Agreement on the reduction of green house gas emissions, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

This was announced by the Director of Climate Change Management Department in the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate, Mr Washington Zhakata in Harare this Wednesday.

Zimbabwe as a signatory to the Paris Climate Change Agreement ratified in August 2017 and it has already began making steps towards implementing programmes and projects to ensure that Zimbabwe attains the goals of the agreement.

With the help of support from well wishers, the government is implementing intervention projects in availing water for agriculture and home use by communities and uplifting livelihoods.

Mr Zhakata told the ZBC News that the department has started working on projects on promotion of the use of renewable energy like solar, biogas and wind to enhance agricultural productivity, resuscitation of small scale irrigation, improving value chains of small agriculture, water use efficiency and water availability.

The country is also working with the UNDP and has mobilised US$33 million to be used in the country up to 2020.

Furthermore, a number of eastern and western countries have agreed to fund climate change mitigation and adaptation, with the Russian government already having availed US$1 million.

Climate change has a serious impact on Zimbabwe as seen in the extreme weather patterns like floods last year and scarce rains this year affecting agriculture planning and productivity. The climate change agenda has also brought on board the World Bank with funds amounting to US$1.5 million for the establishment of a bank to handle funds for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The money will be used to train staff that will be assessing and reviewing the climate change projects.