Zimbabwe requires $2 billion every year to cover an infrastructural deficit estimated at $20 billion over the next 10 years, according to treasury statistics.

A list of projects for next year compiled by treasury show that at least $2,6 billion will be spent on infrastructure.

While the dilapidated state of some roads, railway network and airports is a major cause for concern, the state and private developmental partners intend to spend $1,2 billion in upgrading the facilities.

The generation and transmission of power might also receive a major boost from the $459 million to be raised for the systems, according to the list seen by the ZBC News today.

Ease of doing business reforms require smooth and efficient systems to the extent that the government and the developmental partners intend to spend $112 million on the ICT sector.

Education, health, sport, social welfare rehabilitation centres have also not been spared from old facilities such that a proposed $202 million might transform the facilities in line with global trends.

Clean water and adequate sanitation facilities continue to pose a challenge in terms of sustaining requirements with $244 million earmarked for renovation of dams.

Agriculture is also experiencing challenges in terms of old infrastructure with $72 million being set as a target to improve facilities in the sector, according to the treasury list.