Zimbabwe has been removed from the list of 25 countries to appear under the ILO agenda over alleged labour violations.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister, Cde Prisca Mupfumira revealed the news from Geneva, Switzerland where she is attending the 106th session of the International Labour Conference.

Zimbabwe had been provisionally listed for alleged violation of convention 105 on abolition of forced labour and was set to appear before the committee on application of standards.

The listing was on the instigation of the ZCTU and against all government efforts to adhere to international labour standards the listing was unsubstantiated and unjustifiably, said Minister Mupfumira.

The absolving of Zimbabwe from the list of labour rules violators is therefore a milestone achievement testifying the ceaseless strides government has made to ensure adherence to international labour standards.

Zimbabwe is participating at the 106th session of the International Labour Conference which is underway in Geneva, Switzerland.

The annual conference brings together representatives of governments, employers and workers within the tripartite context of the ILO as it seeks to discuss emerging issues as they affect the labour market.