mugabe 280.jpgZimbabwe has the highest literacy rate on the African continent, having beaten Tunisia this year, to claim top position.


In 1980 at independence, Zimbabwe had only one university and to date there are 11 universities offering tertiary education to thousands of young Zimbabweans. 


The country’s education policy that was enunciated at independence has been accorded all the credit for Zimbabwe’s high literacy rate. 


The new middle class of young African professionals - engineers, accountants, lawyers, technicians – are now occupying the commanding heights of the economy, but their view to owning the economy leaves a lot to be desired, said the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces President Robert Mugabe when he spoke to Reuters.


“Do you know you are an independent person in Zimbabwe and that you should be the employer of the person who is employing you? Let us transpose our positions now. You have to become the employer and let the man who, yesterday was employing you, be your employee,” said the President.


Cde Mugabe said even during the beginning of the struggle many Africans had totally accepted that they were inferior to whites and could not do anything without them.


He said that thinking was also there during the third Chimurenga, with prophets of doom saying people were going to starve without white farmers. The middle class carries a similar baggage as the indigenisation drive gathers momentum.


So it is a mammoth task to re-educate the middle class that this is their country, the resources are theirs and that they should exploit them for the common good of their country.