Zimbabwe’s education sector has received a €15 million contribution from the Germany government towards the second phase of the Education Development Fund (EDF) meant to improve access to quality education.

It is a timely boost for the education sector, which is currently undergoing rapid reforms through the new curriculum.

Germany has been one of the major contributors to EDF since its inception in 2010 with an overall contribution of €€61 million.

For this phase which runs until 2020, Zimbabwe will receive a cumulative figure of €29 million, including this new grant as the European nation remains committed to supporting the growth of the country’s education sector.

Accepting the grant, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Paul Mavima said such the funds will be utilised to upgrade infrastructure and procure reading material especially for vulnerable pupils.

The support from the Germany government will also be utilised to support children with disabilities, provide WASH facilities and services to the most disadvantaged schools and strengthen school communities resilience to the impacts of climate change as well as their capacity to respond to disasters and emergencies in an appropriate and timely manner.