bishop climate.jpgScotland-based Bishop Climate Irungu, who has arrived in the country, has encouraged the nation to stand firm and remain united as he believes 2011 is a year of prosperity for the nation.



Bishop Irungu says he is happy with the peace that prevails in Zimbabwe.


Zimpride National Director, whose organisation extended the invitation to Bishop Irungu to visit Zimbabwe, says he is delighted with the work of Bishop Irungu, especially his support for the nation of Zimbabwe through his gospel.


Zanu PF Acting Secretary for Information and Publicity for Harare Province, Cde Claudius Mutero, who met the bishop at the Harare International Airport, said the clergyman’s visit is an honour, adding that society should bear in mind that politicians also need God’s guidance and leadership.


Bishop Irungu, who visited the country two years ago, received a tourism package from the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority officials including magazines that tell and show the beauty of the country.